"Lmaooo… She left her Facebook open so I hacked into it!!! <3 Love Ya girliee xoxo (:"


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Groot Spores (score) - Guardians of the Galaxy

just fell asleep and i dreamt i adopted a son and named him Spaghetti Regretti


If you’re wondering what “rubber bullets” are and what they look like this is it. This is what Ferguson police are shooting and the peaceful protesters. This is what’s making gaping holes inside of the protesters.


These two pictures from the director of the Ferguson Public Library and the library’s instagram are also worth sharing. 



Chaos in Ferguson. Sunday night, part 4

[part 1] [part 2] [part 3

Reminder that:

- no, this isn’t over;
- no, these aren’t from earlier in the week;
- no, everything isn’t alright now;
- no, the police haven’t stopped brutalizing peaceful protesters;
- no, police haven’t intervened to stop the looting;
- no, police haven’t responded to emergency 911 calls for people injured by rubber bullets or children hit by cars;
- no, michael brown’s shooter still has not faced any consequences for murdering an unarmed teenager 9 days ago

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"Yes, I am guilty, but don’t misunderstand me."

What’s my reputation? What do you think when you see my URL?
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you always talk about a mikey on yr blog and i've always found it the cutest, charmingest name bc 1. it is 2. you have a dear fondness for yr mikey, like a mom in a sitcom whose kid is always misbehaving but like in a ~cool prankster~ way and throws her hands up in the air after some extreme hijinks like "well that's mikey! hahaha" and then she laughs and it freeze-frames and the credits role so anyway i met someone named mike and i literally befriended them just so i could have my own mikey ok

ooooOOMG THAT IS SO SWEET, THIS MESSAGE IS SO SWEET!!! i do in fact know multiple mikeys (and one mike), and there has yet to be a mikey in my life that i havent liked a ton. mikeys are good, everyone should have their very own mikey. AND YES i love my mikey!!! I HOPE U ENJOY THE COMPANY OF YOUR MIKE AS WELL. maybe we should start a gang. a gang of mikeys. too many mikeys